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African Lion:
Imagine a world without lions

This may be a reality by 2020. Why?

African lions are disappearing in the wild. The total population of wild African lions is estimated to be somewhere in the mid 20,000's.

What are the biggest threats to lions?

-Hunting, poisoning and poaching by farmers who see lions as a threat to their livestock
-Population growth resulting in habitat loss
-Growing trade in lion trophies

How can you help them?

You can help protect African Lions by completing the Defenders of Wildlife petition urging lawmakers to list them as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

By completing this petition you are doing your part in helping protect one of nature's most majestic animals.

Without lions, the ecosystem in which they live would be greatly affected. Lions are top predators and play a key role in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

Thank you for taking action!


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