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El Paso Zoo e-learning


PLEASE NOTE: All paperwork must be turned in and your background check processed before you can begin volunteering at the Zoo. You are welcome to read over the e-learning pages now, but please do not answer the questions until you have completed your first orientation session.

Find out if your passion is to be part of the El Paso Zoo Volunteer Program through e-learning. Start your journey today from home to learn more about the El Paso Zoo.

What is the purpose of e-learning?

To facilitate learning about the El Paso Zoo and its animals as well as helping build a connection with prospective volunteers

The El Paso Zoo Volunteer Team is in need of enthusiastic and extraordinary people who are passionate about conservation. Whether you have a talent for working with the public, want to assist with animal care, have a passion for plants and so much more, the El Paso Zoo can use your skills.

At the El Paso Zoo, you will enjoy a unique volunteer experience that is unequaled. You will get to work with great people and have many opportunities to connect with animals! We hope you will join our team and become a part of our El Paso Zoo family!

STEP 1:   What is the process for becoming a volunteer?

1. Need to be 18 years or older
Complete and submit Volunteer Application.

2. Vaccinations (Cleared with Negative TB test within the past year and Tetanus within the last 10 years).
3. Pass a background check.
4. Attend an interview/information/orientation session at the El Paso Zoo.
5. Ability to volunteer at least 100 hours per year.
6. Complete an online scavenger hunt.
7. Special invitation to "get lost" at our zoo and complete a hard copy scavenger hunt as you walk through the zoo.
8. Complete any other learning/training sessions and pre-requisites required for your chosen position.

What else should I be aware of?

Volunteers are required to follow the uniform guidelines and other policies and procedures of the El Paso Zoo. The El Paso Zoo uniform consists of a khaki shirt or zoo volunteer polo shirts (you provide/buy); a name tag (provided); khaki pants (you provide); and closed toe shoes (you provide). Capri pants are acceptable. Shorts are acceptable under City Ordinance must be just above the knee. Undershirts may be worn under the standard uniform shirt as long as they are not visible.

Volunteers must confirm and secure all necessary means of transportation before applying.

Each volunteer commits to serving at least 100 hours every year. Otherwise, a Volunteer will be required to restart some of the volunteer process to continue in the program.

Most volunteer shifts are scheduled in two or three-hour increments.

Volunteer positions are based on the interests of the volunteer and the skills required. Some positions, such as education area and animal handler will require a volunteer to have special invitation and/or training.

We really hope that you will become a volunteer. We are confident that you will have an enjoyable, rewarding and challenging experience! Join the New Generation of volunteers 24/7!

STEP: 2   Double check Step 1!

Now let's get started with your first task:

E-learning Part 1
Biodiveristy Education

E-learning Part 2
Animals of the Americas Online Scavenger Hunt

E-learning Part 3
Animals of the Africa Online Scavenger Hunt

E-learning Part 4
Zoo Adventure Program

E-learning Part 5
Asia Orangutan Conservation

You are almost ready to come back to the ZOO!
When you have completed parts 1-5 Click Here

For more information about our e-learning program contact Rick LoBello, Curator of Education, by calling 915-521-1881 or by e-mail at



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