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El Paso Zoo
Animals of Africa Online Scavenger Hunt

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Please read over the following pages of information about El Paso Zoo Animals. When you are finished complete the True or False questions below.

African Lion



Egyptian Goose

Radiated Tortoise

African Cape Teal


Please answer the following questions T (TRUE) or F (FALSE):
The size of a lion pride is determined by environmental factors like the availability of food and water.
Uganda declared the Ostrich the country's national bird and this bird can kill a lion with a single blow.
Zebras have markings that are similar to fingerprints on a human.
The Eygptian Goose is considered by the Egyptians a sacred animal. It is also known as the "great cackler."
The Radiated Tortoise from Africa can live up to 100 years or more and is critically endangered.
Ducks like the African Cape Teal do not migrate at all.
Meerkats are solitary.

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