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El Paso Zoo
Animals of Americas Online Scavenger Hunt

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Please read over the following pages of information about El Paso Zoo Animals. When you are finished complete the True or False questions below.

California Sea Lion

Bolson Tortoise

Cotton-top Tamarin

Mexican Gray Wolf

Black-tailed Prairie Dog


Spider Monkey

Please answer the following questions T (TRUE) or F (FALSE):
Seals, unlike sea lions, have small external flaps on their ears.
The roadrunner is famous for its speed, up to 26 mph.
The Bolson tortoise is the largest reptilian, terrestrial, herbivore in South America.
The Mexican hogfish ooze a mucous cocoon that envelopes the fish as it sleeps.
The Cotton-top Tamarin can only be found in Colombia.
The Thick-billed parrots were put on the endangered species list in 1989.
The Mexican gray wolves were hunted almost to extinction because they were a threat to livestock.
As populations of prairie dogs increased, so did populations of black-footed ferrets whose main prey was a prairie dog.
Today only about 80-120 ocelots live in South Texas.
The spider monkey has the most highly developed prehensile tail of all mammals.

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Our mission is to celebrate the value of animals and natural resources and to create opportunities for people to rediscover their connection to nature.